Hey | YEH

Yeh was something we created to celebrate our first decade as a studio. It featured a brand new exhibition as well as different creative activities that took place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November 2017 at the Montoya space in Barcelona.


Yeh is Hey backwards. It’s a conceptual name created by the communications agency Usted to highlight our 10-year retrospective. The idea being that we were taking a look at ourselves in a mirror and celebrating the history of Hey in reverse.

The exhibition included work we had created over the years which was displayed in a variety of formats which included original pieces and new installations. We also brought together new and old friends, clients, partners and sponsors in an event that included workshops, talks and screenings all linked by their creativity. Professionals such as glass-blowing artist Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, illustrator Malika Favre, photographer IsabelitaVirtual and natural cosmetics brand Mamita Botanical all came to share their knowledge and inspire Yeh’s guests.


Furthermore, top designers and creatives such as Anthony Burrill, Brosmind, Javier Jaén and Camille Walala created a special set of limited edition posters to be shown at the event. Ten numbered copies of each poster are available to purchase at HeyShop.