Gallery & Co. | The Artist Project

Gallery & Co. is the official museum store at the National Gallery Singapore. It includes a bookstore, a restaurant and bar and a design store.


For the Gallery’s exclusive line of merchandise they created The Artist Project. It invited a diverse mix of people from the fields of art, graphic design and illustration to visually represent a given theme. We were invited to take part in the first collaborations which created usable and wearable products with a contemporary take on Singapore.

The Hey x Gallery & Co. project aimed to show a visual side of Singapore which was full of joy. We created two different collections each made up of different designs.



he first series included geometric, bold, synthesized designs that represented the diversity of Singapore’s architecture. Both the Little India neighborhood and Clarke Quay with its five blocks of restored warehouses were transformed into powerful and colourful geometric shapes.


The second series approached the given theme by using illustration under the umbrella of fusion concept. The portrayal of a handshake in red and white –the colours of Singapore– stands for cooperation, brotherhood and a helping hand which all play an important role in a multicultural city. It also draws on Merlion, one of Singapore’s most popular icons.


The designs were applied to products including tote bags, pouches, t-shirts and posters. All of which are on sale at the Gallery & Co. online shop and museum store.