Heathrow Airport | Sustainability strategy illustrations

Heathrow, one of the world’s biggest international airports, has developed a new sustainability strategy. They contacted Futerra, a sustainability consultancy and creative agency, to develop a communications project on how Heathrow should talk about this new approach to passengers, governments and local people. The aim is to see them take a lead in creating a positive future for aviation.


Futerra identified 4 key ‘pillars’ Heathrow can build on in order to increase its sustainably and to tackle the big challenges the industry faces. These were to raise the quality of life for local people, to advance professional careers, to aim for responsible world travel and finally to promote a sustainable economy. They subdivided these pillars into 12 stories from the future and they needed illustrations to represent these twelve commitments in a positive and inspiring way.

The twelve illustrations were grouped into threes representing four different scenarios. They all work individually and collectively.

We illustrated the stories in a way that was accessible to everybody, colourful and had a style that was not overly slick. The illustrations were applied to posters in internal publications. They mostly addressed senior management and staff at Heathrow and members of the local community; but also can be seen by anyone who passes through the airport.