ESPN | Display typographies

We have created two typographies for the American sports publication ESPN.


In 2014 we created a display typeface for a NFL special issue. We designed a strong and masculine graphics with letters that contrast highly in their strokes. All characters combine a very fine serif with a cut across the hard corners. The uppercase and numerical typeface appear all over the magazine alongside powerful images.

In 2015 the magazine was looking for a lettering with volume to lead into their section, Forward, where in-depth articles are published. The solution was to design display letters cut geometrically and in bas-relief to represent the energetic nature of sports people.

  • Title: Display typographies
  • Client: ESPN
  • Year: 2014 / 2015
  • Description: NFL issue typeface and Forward section typeface
  • Photography: Roc Canals
  • Tags: Magazine, Typography