Hidraulik | Modern series by Hey

Hidraulik is a company that combines the aesthetic appeal of classic antique floor tiles with advanced materials. The result is beautiful, synthetic carpets with a modern take on the Art Nouveau originals that not only look good in contemporary interiors but are also more practical. They contacted us to create six patterns for their second Modern series. The collection features contemporary designs in harmony with the timeless elegance of the originals.


The different carpets were inspired by Barcelona’s many different faces. One reflected the lively ambience of the areas that overlook the sea and another was inspired by the classic hydraulic tiles of the old city. The outdoor life of summer patios and terraces open to the sea breeze influenced another. The lively and friendly environment of certain neighbourhoods and the conflict between classical and popular were also depicted. This Hey x Hidraulik Modern Collection was applied to different sizes rugs, individual tablecloths and table paths.