FAD | Memorial artwork

We were honoured to be asked to create the artwork for the 100th Assembly of FAD members.

300 Limited edition silkscreens, 6 inks, Gmund cotton 250g.

FAD is Fostering Arts and Design, a non-profit association of professionals and businesses connected to the design world. Coexisting within FAD are five associations of different creative disciplines.

Five colours, five disciplines that symbolise the values of FAD as a connection of union and common growth, as well as its range and diversity, creating a path in continuous evolution.

The overlay of tones creates new colours and a dynamic path, a constantly evolving journey, much like the work of the artists, designers, architects and creatives that make up the association.

We would like to thank to Tropic Studio and Taller 57 for their help in making such a complex screen print work.