Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert | Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

This is a project for Paris based glassblower artist Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.

The starting point of the project was our wish to genuinely share with people what being a modern glassblower really means. 

We wondered how to communicate the spirit of the work beyond the usual pictures of the final pieces.

Even though the works have to speak for themselves, unveiling the making of completes their story. Our aim was to share glimpses of the creative process and of the daily life within the workshop, adding special insights to what people would usually see through shows or pictures.


The newly created visual identity would have to translate the passion and the love for the process of glassblowing. The identity is simple yet elegant with white, black and kraft. Textures win over colors and details are references to the handmade.


We imagined the laser-burned pattern as a border for creativity. It also gives a hint of the intense heat inside the workshop. The burned paper even smells like the folded newsprint which is used as a tool to shape the hot glass.