PayPal | Illustration system

PayPal, the company that gives people worldwide more direct control over their money, asked the global design boutique Mucho in San Francisco to define their new illustration style. Under the creative direction of Mucho, Hey worked on showing PayPal as customer-champions with a range of illustrated stories. They wanted to convey the ideas of networks, global inclusion, and the perceived tension between “innovation” and “heart and soul”.

Our challenge was to find the way to visualize the stories without being clichéd. Our solution was a long-linear illustration system.


Whether it’s communicating intricate processes, or conceptual brand values, the system’s flexibility makes it easy for every illustration to feel coherent and uniquely PayPal.


We made several conceptual, heroic poster illustrations which were made up of different, but connected, individual icons. Both the resulting illustrations and all the individual icons symbolize the concept behind each story. Our conceptual illustrations have been applied across the PayPal’s USA web pages.