Google | Annual sustainability report 2021

Google’s Events and Experiences Team asked us to join a remote team of multidisciplinary creatives to help develop the visual language and motion graphics for their annual sustainability report.

The live-stream event introduces innovations produced by Google technologies which help its users make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.


Using the circle as our starting point for our illustrations and graphics; rounded corners and soft lines come together with a green colour palette to help form a unified aesthetic. The visual language is created using a combination of illustration, infographics, typography, photography and video.

We have animated the “tag” container to highlight the key search words and have connected them to images and videos. This illustrates the search engine’s capabilities of informing and improving our decision making. Smooth animation transitions accompany the speaker’s voice to visually and graphically reinforce the message.

Curated image galleries depicting sustainability were used in an elegant, editorial manner to bring the video to life. With these photographs and videos, we framed them in rounded containers and played with the focus to create a delicate tone and composition.