Hey | EveryHey

EveryHey is a personal project that started on Instagram (@every_hey) at the beginning of 2014, and at that time an account where the topic was illustration wasn’t very common. The feed included 400 illustrations of public figures from popular culture – from singers and sports stars to works of art, also taking in the heroes and villains of films, books, comics and TV series. A daily illustration post with its very own style based on colourful, flat design, geometric figures generated a big reaction on social media (with more than 46,000 followers).


They were characters most people know who one way or another earned their place in our particular hall of fame. Characters portrayed in a colourful, compact and geometric style.

The project was culminating in an exhibition and the publication in English of a limited edition book of all the illustrations which hoped to explain more about how and why they were made. The book EveryHey was used as a way to explain the technical and theoretical elements of this very distinct type of llustration.


We organized EveryHey, Just people by Hey exhibition in October 2015 at The Folio Club, Barcelona. This three weeks exhibition brought the project to an end and took a look at four hundred reinterpreted figures from popular culture. Only one poster of each character was on sale during the three week exhibition at The Folio Club.

The 400 Instagram characters were moving from digital form onto paper both in a book and in a exhibition.

This particular style of character design became part of the studio style and signature and the book can still be bought from the studio’s online shop (Heyshop.es)