Missana LAB | Branding

The Missana Design team has launched Missana LAB: an initiative born out of its curiosity and desire to investigate and experiment with new ways of developing and creating products.

Missana LAB aims to establish a close relationship between the craft industry, cutting-edge technology and the digital world. It will create collaborations between digital artists and the craftsmanship of Missana Design, and bring innovative products to life.

Inspired by the concepts of experimentation, collaboration and change, we wanted to develop a dynamic visual identity that changes and evolves depending on how it is used. The identity will mainly exist in the digital sphere and on social media, so we created a core colour palette based on high-contrast complementary colours that work particularly well within the digital world.

The bespoke font is made from variable characters. The typography has a grotesque classic sans serif structure, and it is combined with experimental characters that allude to the connection between tradition and innovation at Missana LAB.

The result is a flexible identity that visually complements and frames each project collaboration for a unified presentation.