Monocle | Magazine's covers

Since 2011 Hey had done many covers for Monocle magazine. We started with the front cover for Issue 41 volume 5 in march 2011, then  the “Transport Survey 2011/12” special in Issue 44.

In June 2016, Monocle magazine published a special edition (Issue 94 volume 10) with more than 200 pages dedicated to all things maritime. One of the feature articles looked at six global shipping dynasties which are also family businesses. Our job was to illustrate in detail three different ships for each shipping family, along with other maritime symbols.

Then, we also illustrated the cover of Monocle’s inaugural guide Boats and Coast Survey 2016/2017. The image was a close-up of part of a big geometrical, flat ship sailing on the sea with another commercial boat in the background.