JNC | Blau sobre Blanc

Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya (JNC) is a political youth organisation focused on achieving Catalan independence.


In 2017 they published a white paper, Blau sobre Blanc. Idees per la Catalunya Estat which explored the idea of Catalonia as a new state. It brought together fifteen articles under five chapters looking at different political, economical, cultural and social aspects. Each article contained two texts by different authors. One of which was alway written by a member of the party.

Hey worked on the creative direction and editorial design for the publication. We outlined a book where the idea of the title was translated into something visual. Blue ink over white paper. Blue takes a key role in a book with plenty of content. White, representing emptiness is filled out of ideas, proposals and arguments.


The content was divided into the five chapters containing the different articles and, to give a sense of flow and clarity in a 200+ page publication, the articles appeared using two different ink colours: black and blue. Blue being JNC’s colour was always used for the party member’s article.