Astor Giles | Branding

Astor Giles is a boutique law firm specialising in high-value asset commercial litigation and international arbitration. They pride themselves on their creative methods and ability to find simple solutions to complex problems.

We wanted to communicate a disruptive approach to the established view of law firms and highlight the values that make Astor Giles stand out.


We used colour to communicate the unique selling points of Astor Giles and created a complementary palette that is both striking and original and sets us apart from the competition.


Typography was used to bring the brand’s character to life. The tone of voice proposed reflects the way of speaking of the brand and its founder: bold, clear and accessible.


In developing the identity we used the concept of problems and solutions. Legal disputes can be like a puzzle: the pieces must be positioned correctly in order to find a solution. We focused on this concept to develop a versatile visual system based on shapes and graphic compositions.